• How to Use iPhone as Mouse For Mac (And Keyboard)

    We are often caught in a situation where we wish to control our MacBook from our iPhones. Be it a movie night on your cozy couch or music playback at your house party. Not everyone uses those big and expensive Bluetooth speakers but we still always need to have control of the media. So I found just the app that some of you might find really handy as it is all solutions under one name. Let’s see how it works.

    Use iPhone as Mouse For Mac

    To use the iPhone as a trackpad on your Mac, we’ll use a simple app called Remote Mouse. The app has both free and paid versions which differ in services. Services like mouse controls, app launcher, portrait keyboard are available in the free version. While the landscape keyboard, media controls, and system control are all part of the pro version of the app. But for most parts, you can perform all necessary actions in the free version itself.

    Step 1: Download the apps on both the devices

    To use your iPhone to control your Mac you’ll need to install Remote Mouse on both your iPhone as well as Computer. Links are shared above and both the app versions are available natively on the app store.

    Step 2: Connect via Wi-Fi

    Once you’ve downloaded the apps on both the devices, open the app on your iPhone and look for connections on top of your screen. Initially, it will say ‘Connection Failed’.

    Step 3: Connect via IP address or QR code

    If you’re not on a Wi-Fi connection you can simply tap on the ‘+’ sign on the top right corner to explore more options. You’d still need to be on 3G or 4G network though.

    Step 4: iPhone as track-pad

    Once your devices are connected simply open your iPhone app. The empty screen is your trackpad with a scroller on your right and mouse buttons at the bottom. You can move around the cursor, scroll pages and click links via your iPhone itself. You can even make swipe gestures as you do on your Mac’s trackpad.

    Step 5: iPhone as a keyboard

    While your devices are connected you can access the keyboard on your iPhone to input data on your MacBook. Just tap on the keyboard sign at the bottom of your iPhone app and a keyboard will pop-up on your screen. If you’re on a paid version you can even use the keyboard in landscape mode.

    Step 6: iPhone as a media controller

    On your iPhone app tap on the media button at the bottom to access the media controls for your MacBook. You can play/pause, rewind/forward and control pretty much all basic functions via this remote.

    Step 7: iPhone as an app launcher

    You can launch almost all the apps on your MacBook that are visible on your launchpad. Click on the app window like icon at the bottom of your iPhone app and you’ll see all the apps on your Mac’s launchpad. Click on any app to launch it on your Mac and navigate through the trackpad and keyboard.

    Step 8: Operate Mac’s browser controls via iPhone

    Although you already have so much control of your MacBook with the mouse and keyboard controls. But the app on your iPhone gives you furthermore control of your browser by giving you some quick control options in a special tab. Click on the browser tab of your iPhone app to the options

    Download showbox for iphone 

    Step 9: MacBook system controls on your iPhone

    As if it wasn’t already more than enough, you can even take control of your Mac’s system controls from your iPhone itself. Meaning that you don’t have to get up from that couch even after the movie is finished. You can Log-off, sleep or even Shut-down your system from your iPhone app itself. 

    Source : Techwiser

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